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Last Update 04-21-08



Just wanted to show you home porters what not to do.

Notice that the exhaust on these Ebay specials has been "worked."

Whoever ported these decided the best idea was to make the port round, with a flat floor.

Simple to do. Lay down the round port gasket and scribe away. Good idea?

Not when you leave the head bolt bulge as seen below.

This port is extremely turbulent. All of the exhaust ports on this head were like this one.

It's no longer a secret that the best exhaust port shape looks like a capital letter D laid over on its flat side.

For my friends eyes only, (all others will be smitten with an itchy bung hole) here's a picture of my exhaust ports

that make the incredible power you've come to love and dream about owning. Make yours like these.

No head bolt bulges. STRAIGHT sides. Almost 15% bigger than stock E-heads.

Don't ask about the cast iron head sitting there.

Another weird, if not just dumb thing this head ported/owner did...

He filled the heat crossover with RTV. But only filled it at the intake,

not in the port where the turbulence occurs. Look at this.....

If you want to lessen turbulence, fill this hole and smooth it.

Some will notice these heads were o-ringed. Supposedly the car these heads were on went 8.90's.

Point? We've got guys in the 7's without o-ringing their heads. Many guys "out-science" themselves which simply shows

they're listening to the wrong people, or simply guessing at what to do.

The intake ports on these heads were horrible. It MUST have taken quite a load of nitrous (fogger) to run 8.90's with these heads.